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BYITL ReAir Smart Vent

BYITL ReAir Smart Vent

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Don’t you just hate that one room (or two) at home that’s never warm enough or cool enough?  


With the BYITL ReAir Smart Vent, you can enjoy intelligent vent control that sets the right temperature in any section of your home. This smart vent senses the temperature and humidity of each room and corrects it automatically, so you’ll never have any cold or hot spots in your home ever. 

This smart vent has 3 blades that can be controlled independently, letting you redirect the air any way you need. 


Make every room or section of your home perfectly comfortable 


Want a specific room to be colder or warmer than the rest of the house? You can also manually adjust the airflow to that room using your phone, tablet, or computer. Download the BYITL Smart Home App and make your room perfectly cool or toasty whenever you want.  

Now you’ll never have to pull up a chair and try to open/close the vents anymore. Just do it with the press of a button. 


Energy efficient temperature control solution 


Since the vents can be completely controlled both manually and automatically, you can reduce the airflow to unused rooms. So you’ll never have to heat up or cool any room that you don’t need, helping you save up on energy costs too. 


Convenient wireless charging 


The ReAir Smart Vent is battery-operated and can be charged wirelessly without even having to remove the vent from the ceiling. But you can also power it hard-wired from a 24VAC.

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