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BYITL Alexa Google Wifi Wireless Home HVAC Programmable Touchscreen Smart Home Thermostat w/Zone Sensor

BYITL Alexa Google Wifi Wireless Home HVAC Programmable Touchscreen Smart Home Thermostat w/Zone Sensor

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 BYITL, LLC Alexa Google Wifi Wireless Home HVAC Programmable Touchscreen Smart Home Thermostat w/Zone Sensor The BYITL, LLC Smart Home Thermostat is the perfect way to manage the temperature in your home. With zone sensors that allow you to target hot or cold spots, and mobile phone, web portal, and smart home assistant access, you can control the temperature from anywhere at any time. Plus, this thermostat is designed to be compatible with most heating and cooling systems. Make your home more comfortable and efficient with the BYITL, LLC Smart Home Thermostat.


Basic HVAC Control

* Supports 2H/2C multistage conventional system or 4H/2C Heat Pump system
* The 4-period and 7-day programming schedule on the device or through the APP
* Multiple HOLD options: Permanent Hold, Temporary Hold, Follow Schedule
* Automatic heating and cooling changeover
* Fan cycle mode periodically circulates fresh air for comfort and health
* Smart warmup, low-temperature protection

Advanced HVAC Control

* Support up to 16 remote zone sensors for location-based temperature control
* Geofencing
* Preheat or precool your house before you get home
* Vacation mode
* Optional time settings for compressor short cycle protection delay
* No click sound when the thermostat starts
* Wiring test

User Interaction

* 4.3” TFT LCD touchscreen
* Voice control: Amazon Alexa and Google Home
* System status indicated by different backlight colors
* Backlight brightness level adjustable
* PIR motion detection
* Intuitive UI

Information & Notification

* 5-day weather forecast
* Indoor humidity sensing
* Multi-room temperature display
* Air Filter change reminder
* Unusual heating or cooling alert

Installation & Setup

* Wiring module available to power your thermostat without a C-Wire having to run a fifth wire.
* Interactive wizard
* Built-In level for mounting
* Multi-level keypad lockout

Smart IoT Features

* Supports Wi-Fi 802.11 B/G/N 2.4
* Control the thermostat remotely using an APP or Web portal
* Access to multiple thermostats from a single APP or Web portal
* Private cloud guarantees data privacy
* Device-level and cloud-level API available for integration with 3rd party Cloud

Product Name
BYITL, LLC Wi-Fi Touchscreen Smart Home Thermostat
System Mode
Heat, Cool, Auto, Off, Emergency Heat (Heat Pump only)
Fan Mode
On, Auto, Circle(adjustable)
Setting temperature locally or remotely (wireless, Alexa, Google)
Auto-changeover between heat and cool mode (System Auto)
Compressor protection time is available for select
Failure protection by cutting off all circuit relays
Smart warmup, low-temperature protection
Auto Mode Deadband
1.5° C, 3° F
Temp. Setpoint Span
0.5° C, 1° F
802.11 b/g/n @ 2.4GHz
LCD Screen
4.3-inch color touch screen
PIR Sensor
Detect occupancy
Sensing Distance 4m, Angle 120°
Electrical Rating
24 VAC, 1A Carry; 5A Surge 50/60 Hz
9 Latching type relay, 1A maximum loading
Sensing Range: −40~125°C
Sensing Accuracy: ±1°C
Response Time: 2min
Sensing Range: 0~100%
Sensing Accuracy: ±3% (20% ~80%)
Response Time: 2min
Operating Environment
0~ 50° C, 32 ~122° F
Humidity range: 5%~95%
Storage Temperature
 -30 ~ 60° C , -22° F ~ 140° F
18 AWG, Requires both R and C wires from the HVAC System
135(L) × 77.36 (W)× 23.5(H) mm
Mounting Type
 Wall Mounting
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